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tesla supercharger karte oeffnung niederlande

Tesla tests in the Netherlands with ten sites>

No developer posted on Twitter the discovery that the latest version of the Tesla app contains Charging electric cars from other manufacturers at supercharging stations For the company – and on the same day it became official and testing began. Tesla has published a new support page titled “Supercharger Access for Third-Party Brands” and stated that it will initially be available at ten of its own stations in the Netherlands.

Supercharger test in Holland

At the moment, this is only a fraction of the entire Supercharger network worldwide, which, according to the website, consists of more than 3,000 stations (Tesla itself repeats information about more than 25,000 charging stations only from May. ). According to the support page “It has always been our goal to open up the Supercharger network for electric vehicles from other brands to encourage more drivers to switch to electric mobility.”

Tesla explains that the 10 stations in the Netherlands are a pilot project. Before expanding, they will “examine the effects, record any overload and evaluate feedback”. And perhaps for their customers who fear congestion of previously exclusive charging infrastructure: “Future locations for vehicles of other brands will only open if capacity permits.” You have a new filter for “Supercharger open to 3rd party brands” (see snippet above).

about next The opening of the Tesla Supercharger was speculated even before the app was discovered. Overall, CEO Elon Musk confirmed in July of this year. It makes sense to start in Europe because Tesla uses the CCS standard here, unlike the US – almost all other electric cars have sockets for this. If you want to charge the Supercharger from a third party, now you have to install the latest 4.2.3 version of the app and create a Tesla account. At the site, you then have to select the site and enter the desired column number, with the start of “Start Shipping”.

Electric Stranger cars pay more at Tesla

It’s still easier for Tesla drivers, because charging starts with them simply by plugging in a Supercharger cable. To be on the safe side, Tesla explicitly states that they can continue to use their free superchargers. And your customers have to pay less than outside customers: “Tesla drivers can continue to charge at the same rate,” the support page answers the question. On the other hand, for other electric vehicles, the additional costs that arise from them will be taken into account – through technical preparations and “necessary adjustments to our sites”. Tesla does not state the exact amount. This varies by location and can be checked in the app.