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Tesla receives €8 million in GDR assets for Giga-Fabrik

Tesla receives €8 million in GDR assets for Giga-Fabrik

Tesla’s new Giga factory near Berlin.

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Billionaire billionaire Elon Musk can barely bear the environmental damage of his new Tesla factory. The state of Brandenburg bears the majority of the millions in costs — and falls back on the controversial money.

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The new “Giga” plant for the American automaker lacks critics Tesla Not at Grünheide in Brandenburg – but now a request from the left reveals other scathing details. For critics, the mill must be a mill. Because the state of Brandenburg privately tried to convince Elon Musk and his automobile company of the location of East Germany.

Environmentalists They have long opposed the construction of the factory and fear the dire consequences for nature and the earth. The law also provides for this case and demands compensation. In formal German, this falls under the term “structural planning compensation scale”.

In the case of Tesla, compensation payments have accumulated in the amount of 12.4 million due to the new gigafactory, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk will only have to acquire a small part of it himself. 8.1 takes over the state of Brandenburg, as the government announced in a small request from the left parliamentary group at the beginning of the year. I mentioned the business portal first “interested in trade”.

Socialism finances pure capitalism

However, the money comes from a special source: the origins of the old state in the German Democratic Republic. Ironically, the stability of the neo-capitalist Tesla, which deliberately opposes labor councils and trade unions, is backed by the remnants of socialism in East Germany.

Another answer from the state government, available to Business Insider, shows that Tesla’s subsidies come from so-called “PMO money.” This is the money that arises from the assets of mass parties and organizations in the German Democratic Republic.

harsh criticism from the left

The left-wing MP Christian Jork, who submitted the request to the government with Thomas Domris, strongly criticized this request: “A story from the crazy house. The great billionaire Elon Musk received support from the state government of Brandenburg with millions of the GDR.”

The party chased information for months. Early in February, the state government responded to a small request from the left that Tesla pay 8.1 million euro has been promoted. But where these things came from was still hidden at the time. The left then promoted in a press release to put an end to the “confusion over Tesla’s financing”.

The state government is not aware of any guilt

In the letter, the left also emphasizes how unusual the state’s involvement in reparations is. In response, the state also acknowledged that this was not, in fact, the usual procedure.

However, the state government does not see any problem with the structural financing of the billionaire Musk: it justifies its payment by saying that the general conditions for taking over the compensation of the municipality have already been established in the site development plan. The state had transferred the money to the community. This, in turn, took up a large part of the compensation payments that the American group actually had to pay.

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