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Tesla plans to set up a second factory in China for one million electric cars>

Tesla plans to set up a second factory in China for one million electric cars>

Production at Tesla’s Gigafactory in China last January was 68,117 Model 3 and Model Y above the already high value of the previous month. This results in a stable annual capacity of 800,000 good electric vehicles, a much larger number than the factory in China was initially thought capable of. But that doesn’t seem to be all: Production at the current site is said to have increased to at least one million cars a year in the short term – and according to one report, Tesla also wants to set up another mega plant near March for another million electric cars each year. general.

Another million Tesla from China’s second factory

There has long been speculation about the expansion of the existing China factory. In January, German mechanical engineering departments learned that new machines had been ordered for them, with which the production of some components could be increased by at least 50% compared to 2021. This week, local media also reported Environmental Documents The planned expansion is described in more detail – and it appears that it is supposed to be completed in April. also Target capacity is good of one million fully electric cars It has been mentioned several times in this context.

That alone should be a huge contributor to Tesla’s growth this year, but according to one of them Report from Reuters news agency As of Thursday, China’s plans go even further: Work on another giant Tesla plant in the country will begin as early as March, it said, citing two people familiar with the matter. Without further information, she added, a site near the current plant was slated to be the site. Together, the two manufacturers in China are supposed to produce 2 million electric cars annually, partly for domestic use, and partly for export.

also Rumors of a second Tesla factory in China over and over in the past. In the end, it was about sites far from the first site, and so far it was not concrete. On the other hand, the Reuters report seems clear – and if construction actually began in March, you should hear about it again soon. The agency was initially unable to find out the additional costs and schedule.

It is said that the plan of the German giant factory is pending

If the report is confirmed, Tesla will be alongside the upcoming Gigafactory from what CEO Musk recently indicated: New locations will likely be announced at the end of the year, he said at the end of January. This seemed like active research, but not a pending or already made decision. On the other hand, the fact that, according to Reuters, the next plant will now be built near the current one in China, leaves open the possibility that decisions on completely new sites will follow this year. A link to reports from this week is also conceivable, accordingly Tesla has halted a planned doubling of its German Giga factory she has.