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tesla supercharger karte deutschland planung q3 2021

Tesla plans to build 55 new stations in Germany >

Tesla has expanded its web maps to include newly planned locations around the world – and there appears to be a special focus on superchargers in Germany. According to the company about the opening of another charging station in mid-June, the number was 90 at that time, and according to the new plans, another 55 stations will be added, more than 50 percent. For many of them, the opening is planned for this quarter.

Tesla plans new locations in the north and the city

with the Tesla currently offers about 100 German superchargers Really good coverage over long distances and in some major cities also urban locations. In densely populated areas of the country, the symbols of already existing stations overlap on a small map scale, while they are planted less often in the north and east.

According to information on the public map, the northernmost of the newly planned Supercharger stations according to Tesla will be built in Kiel in the second quarter of 2022 (see image above – gray icons indicate upcoming locations). For a supercharger a few kilometers south in Neumünster, Tesla is already naming the third quarter of this year, that is, before the end of September. Another northernmost terminal is slated for Wesenberg this quarter, and Hamburg is set to get two superchargers in the city.

On the southern edge of the Republic, Tesla is now planning a new supercharger in Kiefersfelden, but it’s only giving out 2022 overall. In the Rhineland from Bonn to Düsseldorf, the company wants to create five new sites according to the updated map. The Rhine-Main region and the area around Stuttgart appear to be other expansion priorities. Where in Berlin? Tesla launched its first urban supercharger in September 2020 with a lot of political celebrities Three additional locations have been opened in the city.

Supercharger for outdoor electric cars

Only this week did Tesla once again raised electricity prices at its German stations (as well as other European networks), but it is still lower than other DC charging networks. Costs and locations no longer matter only to Tesla drivers, because at the end of July CEO Elon Musk announced that the Supercharger network would be open to other electric vehicles starting this year. In addition to It should grow faster than production at TeslaHe added on the business personas conference call in the second quarter – even if it means “a hell of a lot of work” for the responsible team.