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Tesla operates full self-driving in the United States

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Tesla is in the United States Beta-version His “Full self-driving “-Madus (FSD) Unlocked. With update for software version 2021.32.22 This can now be activated at the press of a button. A security check is done beforehand.

Activation of the FSD button allows Tesla to observe and analyze driving behavior. Driving behavior 7 days In the long run, you can access the beta software, Elon Musk explained a few days ago On Twitter. His Security value (Security score) Check through the Tesla App.

It is considered safe driving

Tesla Sea Security value is disabled 5 parameters Determined: collision alerts for 1,000 miles, emergency braking, aggressive acceleration, driving too close and forcing the autopilot to stop. Should be based on the formula of calculation 6 billion Kilometers operated by Tesla.

If you have proven yourself fit for the FSD button, you will receive a notification that you need to keep your attention on the road. Both hands should be on the steering wheel. Tesla writes in a warning: “FSD beta will not automate my car”. If you want to use the software, you have to do it once $ 10,000 Or monthly $ 100 to $ 200 Salary

Criticism from US officials

This is also necessary because Tesla’s automated pilot is currently in the United States Officially investigated desire. In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) criticized the FSD’s widespread offer in the United States. Compared with The Wall Street Journal NTSB President Jennifer Homandi said basic security issues need to be addressed in advance. FSD has led many to misuse or abuse technology.

In the past people were always affected by accidents Inattention at the wheel When the auto pilot was active. There were some Fell asleep drunk, Others Not even sitting in the driver’s seat. According to Homondi, the “full self-driving” system is misleading because, despite the warnings, it looks like autonomous driving.