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tesla model-y berlin showroom verhuellt

Tesla Model Y in European showrooms, China supplies>

Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y in Europe should begin with a slight delay next week – they should actually be delivered from the new Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin from July, but since that is not ready yet, the gap will be filled from China for in time the present. Tesla’s second size model has already arrived in Europe: the first was last week Model Y from China with interesting anti-camouflage On pickups and then, most of them still veiled, it was spotted in several Tesla showrooms (the photo above was submitted by a reader and comes from Berlin).

Tesla ships from China in port

But this was just a cutting edge, so to speak: The first two ships arrived on Monday, which are supposed to carry thousands of Model Ys on board for delivery to customers. The Model Y, first seen on auto carriers and then in Tesla showrooms in Europe last week, is said to have come with a previous ship that brought the Model 3 primarily from China.

However, in the next few days, more road and train transportation should be seen almost exclusively with the Model Y: According to ship watcher @mortenlund89 on Twitter, Glovis Supreme and Helios Ray from Shanghai arrived at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on Monday morning and were unloading. According to his information, these two ships are the first two ships that the Type Y will have for European customers, and a third will soon follow.


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In terms of time, this fits well with reports from customers about the first dates of delivery of the Model Y in Europe. Some seem to have been mentioned initially this week, but it looks like the earliest known dates will be next week. For example, a reader reported to about the scheduled delivery date for next Tuesday in Dortmund. At the German Forum, drivers and friends will also be Tesla Dates in late August and early September call. Looks like Tesla hasn’t sent the car papers yet, so it’s still open Which of the two possible LG batteries will be the first Model Y for Europe Equipped.

Thousands of Ys in the first wave of Europe

According to previous information from Tesla, the Y Long Range will only come with first ship loads from China, the first performance models in December. EU type approval documents show this as well As with the Model 3, the base model with LFP battery from CATL will be available soon can track. But first of all, it’s the turn of the Model Y, who are now arriving by ship. According to figures from China, Tesla sent a total of 8,210 units for export in July, all of which are said to be destined for Europe.