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Tesla Model Y delivered for the first time>

When a member of the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum wrote Friday that he would receive the new Tesla Model X on Saturday, he was met with some disbelief. Because electricity Gullwing SUV updated alongside Model S in January It was introduced, but the first deliveries were longer to come, and nothing was heard from Tesla. But suspicions on the forum turned out to be unjustified: on Saturday, the first new Model X was actually delivered in the USA.

Five new Tesla Model X cars delivered

Apparently, Tesla even directed a small event, but on a smaller scale event with CEO Elon Musk to deliver the first 25 new Model S, in this case all in the three-engine plaid version. This was Saturday According to a TMC member Only five Tesla Model X vehicles were delivered at the Fremont Service Center. Obviously, they were all Long Range models and each had six seats.

Shortly after the first video proof of delivery at TMC, Tesla itself confirmed that the Model X will be coming to customers again from now on. “First shipments of the new Model X,” the company wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Some photos show two families and a couple, each with happy expressions on their faces in front of a white X model with the double doors open.

Thus it can be said that after nine good months without the Model X, Tesla will be able to offer its entire model range of four electric cars once again. However, at the moment, this applies only to the USA, because deliveries or even the exact dates for them are not yet known from any other country. In addition, it is not clear how quickly deliveries of the Model Y will begin. As for the Model S, after the launch event in June, customers are also expected to get a chance soon. indeed In the third quarter, Tesla delivered a total of only 9,275 of themCustomers have reported long wait times and unfounded postponements of deadlines.

Long waiting times for new customers only?

On the other hand, deliveries now beginning in the US could mean customers in Europe no longer have to wait for the Model S and Model X as long as the Tesla component is proposed. There was information on the expected delivery last week Deferred until the end of 2022 for both models and all variants. But Tesla is also naming Model S and Model X dates in the USA to 2022 (except for the Model S Plaid, which is due out in December). This can be understood to mean that long delivery times only apply to newly ordered Teslas and that previous orders come earlier.