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tesla parkplatz fremont drohne model-x

Tesla Model X in Canada and dozens in the factory parking lot in Fremont >

The third quarter of this year set new production and delivery records for Tesla despite the general shortage of chips, but one of its electric cars is likely missing from the balance sheet, as it was in the first and second quarters: the Model X, in fact Like the Model S after a short update break It should be delivered again at the beginning of the year. Unlike the Model S, which has been back in the US since June, not a single delivery of the new Model X has been announced. But now it looks like it’s moving forward with the seagull SUV, too.

Tesla Model X Plaid in Canada

On the other hand, this is supported by the fact that many of them were seen outside the United States for the first time this week. So Drive Tesla Canada blog mentioned. At first he stumbled upon a gray version in front of a Tesla representative in Edmonton, which is better recognizable by the open top yoke rather than the regular steering wheel when updated. Then another new X model in gray appeared at Vaughan. And a little later the third was filmed on a highway in Quebec City.

The last of them, as evidenced by the tag on the back, was even the engraved three-engine version, which Tesla offered with the update as the successor to the Performance version. This speaks against the fear that he might not come at all, which arose because of Tesla pricing for all updated models except Model X Plaid Raised several times after the demonstration.

When that would happen, despite multiple viewings of Canada, initially remained open. But it looks like Tesla is at least now making a new Model X again, at least occasionally. After only scattered specimens had been seen before in the United States, as now in the neighboring country, about 36 of them parked Thursday in a factory parking lot in Fremont (see row two in the photo above, aligned to the bottom edge of the photo – not easy Seeing it, but Twitter watchers were sure). At least one Model X is equipped for transportation in the usual way with plastic covers on the front and rear, as a drone pilot there has documented.

The Model S was delivered 9275 times in the third quarter

Report for the third quarter of 2021 Tesla set a new record for deliveries of 241,300 electric vehicles on Saturday. According to announcement number 9275, this included the Model S and X – both were not shown separately, but nothing else was known about the SUV’s deliveries. That may change in the last quarter that’s just starting. New customers at least still have to wait a long time, according to current information: for the USA, the builder on Saturday indicated the expected delivery of the Model X in both variants in May or June 2022, for Germany in the middle of the year.