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tesla gigafactory texas layout verdreht

Tesla graphic shows Gigafactory Texas – rotated 180 degrees>

Producing electric cars including the necessary batteries can be very simple – or at least you can do it like this: Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained last week in New Giga factory opens in Texas significantly shortened. In a graphic as well, Tesla has also shown what part of production is being carried out in which area of ​​its new plant – but it seems to have stunned itself.

The Tesla factory is like a computer chip

While speaking in front of thousands of employees and fans of the Cyber ​​Rodeo at the start of the plant in Texas last Thursday, Musk displayed various images and graphics in the background. The CEO said that Tesla learned a lot during production at its main Fremont plant and is now doing better, among other things. Instead of scattering around like there is, everything is now “under one roof” in Texas. This applies to batteries as well as to plastic components and seats, obtained so far from other factories.

The Tesla boss compared this principle with the principle of a computer chip, in which everything needed was also efficiently accommodated close to each other. Appropriately, behind him was an overhead view of gigafactory tall buildings with typical chamfered corners displayed, and schematically divided into different areas within it. Arrows also indicate the orientation of the material and the part flow between them. Battery cell production is followed by the production of battery packs, which are then combined with the rest of the Model Y from other areas in the final assembly.

The process described appears to be correct. However, early Thursday, a Twitter user with no followers noticed that Tesla had literally twisted something when naming the Gigafactory. This prompted no reactions at first, but was also reported on Sunday by well-known Tesla watchers and then noted more widely. @ajtourville wrote: “Simple design error for Giga Texas.” Among them he published the Gigafactory sketch of Cyber ​​Rodeo and its patched version.

According to Musk, the Giga plant is the most modern in the world

This shows that the arrangement of the Gigafactory regions on the image used by Tesla is simply a 180 degree rotation. In the upper right part of the image (actually in the northeast, it is recognizable by the parking lot there) the pressure plant should be entered rather than producing batteries and vice versa in the lower left. This is well known from regular drone monitoring of construction work, and after it was once pointed out so prominently, many commentators on Twitter said they noticed it right away. It’s a little more complicated than “Material in, Cars out”. According to the CEO of Tesla, it is the most modern factory in the world After all.