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Tesla Cybertruck is coming later and in two sizes >

On Thursday, Tesla shares lost just under 7 percent to $1,031.56, and because there wasn’t much that was new, the slump was attributed to a message published by Edmunds auto portal a week ago: Tesla has the information on the possibility Cybertruck delivery start has been removed from their website. This caused some excitement and even speculation that electronic capture would not come anymore. But on the same day an analyst wrote that Cybertruck will be available in two different sizes. A news agency received unofficial assurances that it was still planned – albeit with a longer delay.

Frequently change Tesla information

Cybertruck was introduced in November 2019 and originally supposed to be in production from the end of 2021. This became August of 2022, then in mid-October Tesla deleted – as later with the Model S and Model X in Europe – The statement is on their entire website. However, this appears to have eluded even some close observers in the United States. Tesla investor Gary Black responded to one of the latest reports about the deletion on Twitter. He described it as not being serious about the stake, but indicated that he believed the information was new.

In fact, you can get confused with Tesla’s ever-changing information on the internet, including CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter comments and occasional live appearances — especially since the company never answers questions about it. Reuters tried anyway and received at least one unofficial tip: Tesla wants to produce its first e-trucks in the first quarter of 2023, mentioned Early on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Medium: Two Sizes Chart for the Cybertruck

That would actually be another shift. CEO Musk last mentioned last October: The most likely one is one Cybertruck production begins in 2022 and serial production from 2023He said at the general meeting Tesla. According to Reuters, not even the first e-trucks will be built this year. Work is currently underway to ensure that the Tesla pickup is convincing given the increasing competition in the segment, the source reportedly said. Prior to the update to Tesla’s product layout, which was announced for a conference call at the end of January, Musk had already revealed, for example, that the Cybertruck would have up to four engines.

Anyway, we couldn’t say goodbye to pickup plans. Instead, a new rumor surfaced Thursday that is going in the opposite direction: According to an analyst at Global Equities Research, the Tesla Cybertruck will be available twice, that is, in a smaller version, according to Twitter excerpts from the financial portal StreetInsider. Both variables should be “significantly altered” compared to previously known prototypes. Unlike many other monitors, the broker expects new clients Information about Cybertruck has yet to appear in Musk’s update at the end of January, but at a separate event in March.