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Tesla China again in two shifts, German factory for the first time>

At the beginning of this year, almost everything indicated that Tesla would increase its production to new highs in the first quarter – above all with further growth at the Gigafactory in China, but also with the Model Y from the new German plant. The lockdown in Shanghai since the end of March has prevented new records being set, and those too The German factory Tesla managed to manage less than 500 Model Y per week until recently. Meanwhile, production in Shanghai has been operating again since mid-April, albeit severely restricted. According to one report, Tesla wants to go there again this Tuesday – and since the beginning of the week, the German Gigafactory has also been operating regularly in two shifts.

Tesla China is on its way to a million again

Tesla production in China had to rest for 22 days from the end of March due to the near-total shutdown of Shanghai, then began limited production in a “closed-loop” system with an overnight stay at the plant. According to reports, 1,200 electric cars were targeted per day, but In the remaining days of April, Tesla only reached about 800 each. In May, according to reports, there was more at times again, and Tesla wanted to produce 2,600 Model 3 and Model Y daily again from the middle of the month. Then the full reboot was delayed for a week and then another day, but this Tuesday it has to start again.

Reuters news agency reported on Monday, citing an internal memo. It should also include the latest production number: 1,000 electric cars at the start of this week, so it’s still short of the target for a partial restart. However, the short-term increase target should continue to be applied to more than double. Reuters calls 2,600 Model 3 and Model Y are still planned per day so the total planned production this week is 16,000 units. The fact that Shanghai is increasingly reopening should help.

Extrapolating at an annual rate, this results in 900,000 good electric cars that Tesla produces in China. This is already significantly more than the official capacity of the plant, which has long been mentioned modestly as “>450,000” in the quarterly reports. According to reports it is due to To increase this year to 1 million Model 3 and Y Model Y is good And construction of about half of this capacity in other buildings in the immediate vicinity.

German Gigafactory now with two shifts

Tesla still has to endure nearly a month of complete deadlock and then another month of partial deadlock — just like European customers, whose merchandise is likely to arrive much less this quarter than last year. It appears that a new record for production and delivery (plus sales and profits as a result) is out of the question in the current quarter. According to fund manager Gary Black, analysts currently expect a delivery of 276,000 Tesla, about 35,000 less than in the first quarter, and earnings per share of $2.30, nearly a full dollar lower. But if the China plant starts up quickly again, investors will likely turn their attention just as quickly to the strong year ahead as a whole. anticipation.

The German Giga plant can increasingly contribute to this. In the middle of May it was There is still only 86 Tesla Model Y produced per learned from an informed source. Among other things, frequent rework was necessary, which slowed down the planned production cycle. But Tesla is hiring new employees in quick succession — 500 of them started alone on an assembly line in Grünheide last week, they heard, too. On Monday, the all-German Tesla factory officially started operating on the two-shift system, which previously only existed sporadically, according to the latest information from your environment. So Germany and China can work together, especially since the fact that Tesla’s best machine experts were stuck in Shanghai are said to have contributed to Faster intensification in Grünheide Announced by CEO Elon Musk At first it didn’t seem to work.