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Tesla cancels recent bonuses for new customer referral program>

At Tesla, a kind of era is approaching or at least it will be interrupted: Anyone who searches the app or the web on Saturdays for rewards to be earned by recommending Tesla products to other customers has been disappointed. September 2021 There will be no more rewards from the referral program in your region until further notice,” according to the German version, as the new feature was reported from other countries.

One time profitable Tesla program

By the beginning of 2019, Tesla’s software had generated huge profits for customers – and had become costly for the company. Even for a recommendation, there was free supercharging or a charging station for six months, for two people I got expensive bikes, from five onwards, every new broker means a 2 percent discount on a Tesla Roadster. Against this background, the program ended completely in February 2019 – yes Tesla brought it back in April with more modest rewards.

But even that’s over for now — at least temporarily, because unlike in 2019, the new formula doesn’t seem all-encompassing. As there were rumors earlier this year about it Tesla wants to terminate the current program – but only to start a new strongly changed one. There has been talk of plans to enable interested parties to take a test drive using their own app. Instead, Tesla canceled part of the then-current program in June: Until then, for every successful recommendation, there was an additional ticket to a monthly raffle for a Model Y and a Tesla Roadster every three months.

Disabled for free super shipping

Since then, Tesla’s recommenders have not been able to secure the free supercharged electricity for 1,500 km, and new customers have also received this bonus. Compared to previous bonuses, it’s not much, but (at German prices) it’s still worth about €100 per side. At least some very hardworking sales assistants were able to charge their Tesla on a Supercharger using only referral kilometers.

And whether a similar program will return, when and in what form, was initially open on Saturday. The Electrek blog, which reported on the planned switch to app recommendations this year, assumed there would be new information soon. as as reported, at least in the USA, the current program isn’t over yet: anyone who wins a new Tesla Solar Roof customer will get $500 just as much as the buyer.