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Tesla boss wrong about water situation in Brandenburg>

During his visit to the German construction site Gigafactory and his meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, CDU consultant candidate Armin Laschet did not cut a good number in the opinion of many observers. With the rhetorical question as to whether the future of cars might lie in hydrogen, Musk made a loud laugh and then claimed there was disagreement in the science on the point. However, the appearance of the Tesla boss was also strange, because once he had fun, He also mocked reporters’ questions about the water situation of the Giga Factory. But his neglect in this matter is not appropriate, as the Minister for the Environment of Brandenburg has now declared.

Minister: Tesla’s boss is giving in to delusion

“Take a look around,” Musk said mid-month when speaking to Lachet in front of the Giga factory when a reporter asked if Tesla would take water away from the area. He seemed to like him more than the guest’s previous hydrogen experience. Even the idea that for her sake The next expansion stages of the electric car factory He couldn’t give enough water, the Tesla boss apparently found it very funny and said with a laugh that it was completely wrong. After all, it rains a lot in the area and it does not look like a desert.

In fact everyone can see the second point – but according to the Minister for the Environment of the State of Brandenburg, Axel Vogel, the superficial impression is misleading. There appears to be a fundamental misunderstanding here, he said at the request of the TV magazine Kontraste, to Musk’s amusing and soothing words about the situation. Some people may see many lakes in the state and think that if there is a lot of water, they must also be full of water, but this is a mistake: “Brandenburg is barren,” the minister said. The Tesla boss is likely to succumb to “mirages” if he assumes that there are huge amounts of water available in the area.


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A large plant obviously needs a lot of water – but as two tabloids from Springer-Verlag recently calculated, this is Tesla’s requirements are much lower than those of other factories in Brandenburg. A Tesla spokesperson also noted this when asked about the inconsistencies. In addition, the company has already reduced its requirements several times and is working on other improvements.

More Giga Factory Water in 5 Years

However, the problem is less current needs than Tesla’s plans for the future. The delivery of the 1.4 million cubic meters per year required for the current first expansion phase of the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin has already been contractually agreed with the Responsible Water Association Strausberg-Erkner. But Tesla has already made it clear that the German plant will be much larger later, and the association says it no longer has reserves for significantly more water.

Early this spring, the Brandenburg state government began a preliminary exploration of the aquifer in the nearby municipality of Hangelsberg, that can be used for tesla factory. But this will only be possible in five years, it was said at the time, and Minister Vogel has now confirmed this time frame with regard to the inconsistencies. Residents have never found the water situation in the Grünheider district laughable before – and Tesla boss Musk might start to think about it, too.