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tesla model-3 auslieferung q1 2021 europa sonne

Tesla boss expects frenzied Q2 result >

With additional plants opening in Germany and the USA, Tesla really wanted to ease or end the frenetic long pace of deliveries at the end of each quarter. But instead, the final days of the first quarter that the two giant factories are officially operating may be busier. Because the important factory in China was initially unable to produce due to the new coronavirus lockdowns in April and for a very limited time until the end of May, that’s why Tesla, for example, has seen a drop in new registrations in Germany testing. But according to a report, CEO Elon Musk apparently plans to catch up broadly in the rest of the quarter.

Musk: “A very intense quarter-end”

In the past, it has been repeatedly announced that incentivizing emails from the Tesla boss to deliver everything again in the past few days. Moreover Musk himself was on New Year’s Eve 2019 as an assistant in deliveries soon at the end of the year I have seen. It also announced several times that it intends to settle for the usual quarterly pattern with few deliveries in export markets in the first few weeks and then a wave at the end.

In February it was fine Unusually high Tesla records in Germany in the middle of the quarter Even before the start of the domestic mega-factory, as if this would work. But at the end of March, a new lockdown began in Shanghai, initially drying up supplies. Thus, followed by the usual low figures for exports in April, the first month of a new quarter, the month of May is weaker. But as the Electrek blog reports, CEO Musk apparently wants June to be stronger: Tesla has had a problem since 2008 that something is causing the end of the quarter to be “crazy,” he reportedly told employees on Wednesday. The end of the current quarter will again be “fairly severe”.

It seems that the smoothing of Tesla’s delivery waves has been postponed again. Musk said the prolonged shutdown and then restrictions in China was a “huge challenge” In the Electric Report quote as well. The huge factory there is about to return to full production. Meanwhile, the plant in Germany has not yet been able to contribute many Model Ys to May deliveries in Europe, and the new plant in Texas is clear. Recently only the first model Y for overseas customers Ladder.

Tesla waves are smaller than the second half of the year

When a full three-week factory shutdown in China ended in the second half of April, Musk was already optimistic about it: It would come back strong, so Tesla production may continue in the second quarter as in the previous quarter Or even do something more. Analysts currently expect it will be significantly less than 305,000 electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2022. Musk apparently did not repeat his optimistic forecast on Wednesday either, but the frenetic pace of renewal now finally announced suggests that the gap should not be large. very. As the CEO said, according to Electrek, the Tesla wave should now become significantly smaller in the new quarter of July — “if nothing happens.”