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Tesla appears to be opening a network of destination chargers >

Tesla’s Supercharger network is growing and growing, and the company continues to guide it by reporting milestones it has reached. However, the growth of destination chargers is less public – and they are basically the same devices that everyone is using Customer purchase Tesla wall mount in online store Can, but installed in hotels or restaurants listed in this network’s directory. In terms of the sheer number of sites, they are much larger in Germany than those in the supercharger. And in the US, it appears that Tesla is now beginning to make it part of the general charging infrastructure.

Charge to Tesla Wallbox for 21 cents

This was reported on Tuesday by the Electrek blog and also appeared from Twitter messages. Accordingly, Tesla now offers destination chargers operators the option to register their locations for paid use. Activation then appears to take place via the Tesla app, where shoppers also have to enter their payment details. So the procedure is similar to the procedure Using superchargers for electric cars from other brandsas is now possible in several European countries in some locations.

In fact, the two could be related, because in addition to the paid destination fee, it appears that a non-Teslas charge for the Supercharger is now on the USA list. As of Tuesday, there is no supercharger open to all electric vehicles in North America. But even from Germany, one destination charger is reported in California, where charging costs 21 cents a kilowatt (see screenshot above). To activate it, you have to scan the QR code located on the side.

According to the Twitter user who was already there, the activation did not work because the private Tesla terminal is located in an underground car park where he did not have mobile phone reception for the application. He was still able to upload his Model Y there, for free. This indicates that the software is not yet fully developed. According to Electrek Report Tesla announced the destination billing option two years ago with the launch of its third-generation Wall Connector, but it’s only now beginning to invite operators to sign up for it.

The low number of visible stations could also be related to the fact that Tesla does not include every destination charger in the program. According to Electrek, you must run at least six wall chests in one destination in order to be able to score. As a result, many sites were initially excluded because most had a maximum of four Tesla charging stations. On the other hand, it may be an incentive for operators to increase their numbers. Of course, Tesla can slightly lower the requirements if the software is up and running smoothly.

More destination chargers than superchargers

There were initially no signs that it would start in Europe either. But as with superchargers, Tesla will likely offer that openness around the world in the long run. In this case, however, it consists less in Charging stations are also available for other electric vehicle brands Became – many destination chargers have always been. Alternatively, the innovation is that you can also use chargers on the slower Tesla network if you are not a guest at a site and that they are also shown to external app users.

The potential is certainly huge: For Germany alone, Tesla listed 700 good locations with destination chargers on Tuesday, five times that number, As in German charging stations (Although there may be fewer charging points overall). But in principle, the program should also be expanded to include all third-generation wall connectors Tesla has ever sold to individuals.