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Teo in Switzerland: This is Migros’ new unmanned store

Blick is testing a newly opened vending machine shop

With these tricks, Migros prevent theft and rampage

Shop at Migros anytime, day or night. Now you can, at Teo’s new vending machine store. Blake was there and did a security test.


The second Swiss vending machine store TEO opened in Winterthur Hegi ZH on Thursday.

A small wooden tube-shaped building has been decorating the Neuhegi industrial district in Winterthur ZH since Thursday. The orange M logo catches the eye because the area didn’t have a supermarket yet.

Teo is the name of Migros’ new vending machine shop. Imported from Germany from the local organic supermarket chain Tegut, which has been owned by the Migros Zurich cooperative for nearly ten years.