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Tennis: Will Switzerland’s domestic matches take place in Zurich in the future?

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Will the Swiss Indoor Championships be held in Zurich in the future?

Switzerland’s biggest tennis tournament is likely to get a fresh coat of paint soon. Swiss Inoors organizers are considering a change of location. Basel is in danger of losing the Swiss sporting event with the highest turnover.

Publication date: 11:49 am


Updated: 1:14 PM

The Swiss are at home in Zurich, Bern or Geneva? Somewhat unimaginable, but perhaps soon a fact. The organizers of the tennis tournament, which has been firmly established in the city of Basel since 1970, They are looking for alternatives according to “New Zealand”..

Again, it is the question of costs that gives reason to rethink. Rent, temporary transfer and attendant costs burden a budget of about CHF20 million a year with a seven-figure sum, even after the yard was renovated five years ago.