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Tennis: Tim only dares to return to the sand

Tennis: Tim only dares to return to the sand

Tim, who was number three in the world, is preparing for his return to the ATP Tour in Indian Wells, but will not compete in the Masters Tournament. “I’ve had good weeks of training. The wrist is perfectly fine and the hand is getting better. But I still decided to withdraw my entry to Indian Wells and Miami to start playing on clay,” the 28-year-old said.

Sand is still the surface he feels most comfortable on. “So I think this is the perfect time to start from there. I would have loved playing in the States, and I feel sorry for my fans. The current 50 world number one I won the last time I played here. in Indian Wells.

There is no set date for return

Tim recently posted videos over and over from training in the USA. However, his fans will have to keep waiting for the 2020 US Open winner to return. Some time ago, Father Wolfgang Thiem had always referred to Cosmos Agency in Spain for inquiries. Much more can be learned from Tim’s video communication. Thiem will be returning to Austria soon, and there is no exact date or tournament planned for the 17-time ATP winner.

A whole series of cancellations and postponements continued on Monday. The four-time winner has missed the tour since playing at the Mallorca turf on June 22 due to an injury to his right wrist. He suffered a rupture of the tendon sheath and its associated joint capsule. Meanwhile, returning to training too early brought him back, which also led to a breakup with long-term physiotherapist Alex Stoper.

Fourth withdrawal since December

In mid-December, Tim initially wanted to return to the Tour at an exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi, then at the ATP Cup and Australian Open in Australia and then at the clay-court tournaments in South America in February. At the beginning of February, Tim announced that he would not return until the Masters 1000 event in Indian Wells, which he won nearly three years ago. So far follow the fourth retreat since December.

This time Tim is no longer giving a set schedule, but is hoping for the clay court season in Europe. A return at the 1000 event in Monte Carlo (from 10 April) or the following week in Barcelona would likely be the next option. What was his goal a few months ago, to be able to fully contend for the title at the French Open at the end of May, is now probably lost. When he returns, it will likely be about ten months since his last competitive match.

At least in the ATP rating, the extra delay wouldn’t have a very strong impact at the moment. The previous third place in the rankings is now 50. On April 25, the title from Barcelona 2019, which was still in its points due to the special coronavirus rule, was out of the rankings (250 points), before that the damage was limited. . In addition, Tim will of course start again with the Protected Arrangement. This neither brings him a seed nor saves him from tough opponents in the first round, but at least he doesn’t need wildcards if he keeps losing ground.