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Tennis - Switch: From the US to the National League

Tennis – Switch: From the US to the National League

concentrated. After the USA, Helena Nikos returned to Münchhof in the National League.

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From America’s top college league to Burgenland’s top division – for Helena Nikos, priorities have changed dramatically in recent years.

From 2014 to 2018, the new settlement attended college in Charleston and played – like her younger sister Eva recently – in Division I, the strongest division in American colleges.

Expected high level

“The level is really high there. A lot is expected of you, but I think that’s a good thing,” the new settler told BVZ. “In our conference (note: the American departments are divided into conferences), but also outside of it, you meet very powerful opponents.” She can only recommend colleges in the USA from an athletic perspective.

Now focus on the fun

Helena Nikos is currently working for TC Mönchhof in regional league A Group B. The level cannot be compared to American colleges, “The focus is on having fun. The teams in the regional league are becoming very strong, and I am already looking forward to the upcoming matches.”