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Tennis: Olympic champion Monica Puig ends her career

“After a difficult three-year battle with the wounded”

Olympic champion Puig ends her career

Monica Puig ended her tennis career at the age of 28. The 2016 Olympic champion has struggled with surgeries and injuries for the past three years.

Publication date: 10:58 am


Updated: 2:14 PM

It is the dream of every great athlete to successfully and voluntarily finish her career in the required time. Monica Puig now had to learn, in a bitter and painful way, that this is not always possible. “After a tough three-year battle with injuries and four surgeries, my body had had enough.” She resigned – at the age of 28.

In 2016, she celebrated the greatest moment of her tennis career. In Rio de Janeiro, she became an Olympic champion and won her first Olympic gold medal for her country, Puerto Rico. But the past three years have been epic. She recently missed the Tokyo Olympics due to her shoulder surgery.