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Ten courtiers accuse them of bullying!

Ten courtiers accuse them of bullying!

The investigation into bullying against Meghan Markle continues. At least ten former employees oppose the Duchess.

The basics in brief

  • The palace is investigating allegations of bullying on Duchess Meghan.
  • He strongly denies the allegations.
  • Now at least ten courtiers want to testify against them.

Brutal confrontation in bully– Scandal about Meghan Markle (39)?

In March, Buckingham Palace opened an investigation Offshore Law Firm a. Reason: wife from Prince Harry (36) she harassed several employees during her time in England.

Therefore, her former communications assistant Jason Knauf filed a complaint in October 2018. The situation is so deteriorating that Prince William (39) His brother and sister Throwed erect from the palace.

Ten employees testify against Meghan Markle

And it’s getting worse: At least a dozen former employees now want to testify against the 39-year-old, the Mirror wrote.

In fact, the results of the investigation should be published this week, and now the whole thing has been postponed to next year. A source said: “The palace takes every allegation seriously and wants to know the truth. You want to make sure everyone is speaking out loud.”

Meghan Markle continues to strictly adhere to the fact that employees are simply “not up to the job”. “She thinks the courtiers can’t handle the pressure,” the source said. Meghan also announced through her spokesperson that a “calculated smear campaign” had been carried out against her.

The former actress and Harry resigned from their royal duties a year ago. They now live in Montecito, California.

Who do you believe in the bullying argument?

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