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Temperature record in Western Australia: 50.7 degrees in the coastal city

In Australia, the hot hour leads to temperature recordings. The 50 degree mark is cracked in many communities.

Briefly essentials

  • In Australia, thermal achievements have been surpassed since the 1960s.
  • Temperatures above 50 degrees were measured in many communities.
  • The absence of thunderstorms ensures that there is no cooling.

Large parts of Australia are currently sweating under the constant heat. In the west of the country, a decade-long temperature record has now been set: in the coastal town of Onslow in the Bilbara region, the mercury column rose to 50.7 degrees on Thursday, the region’s Meteorological Commission said.

This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the state of Western Australia. The same value was last measured in January 1960 in the village of Utnadatta in South Australia.

In the other two communities in Bilbara, Robben and Marty, a 50 degree mark erupted on Thursday.

Air conditioners are not suitable for heating

Meteorologist Luke Huntington told the Australian Broadcasting ABC that he was missing Thunderstorms Responsible for extreme heat. Because without this exhaust, it usually ensures cooler values ​​and more hot air will accumulate.

Many have run record levels into the home. However, some air conditioning systems cannot cope with the high heat. “The air conditioner in my office has dropped the monster,” said Mark Barrett of the Robbins Police Department. Electrical devices also felt the heatmental stress.

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