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Teen Shania "Geissens" sprays Rooobert's luxury sleigh

Teen Shania “Geissens” sprays Rooobert’s luxury sleigh

“Geissens” daughter Shania is once again showing that she is a true artist. This time she uses an expensive Papa Robert’s car as a monitor.

The basics in brief

  • Shania Geiss is known for her crazy artwork.
  • Now she holds her father’s car as a canvas.
  • He is anything but happy!

Well, if that doesn’t cause a problem!

That “Geissens” Teen Shania (17) artistic line He has no secret. Presents the millionaire’s daughter over and over again Instagram Its luxurious paintings. But now she thought herself Dad’s luxury car Made to work!

your justification? “My dad told me a few days ago that if I got my driver’s license, this would be my car. Because mom and dad don’t like the car.”

Just stupid: It will take some time for Shania to get her pass in the bag. That means Roooobert (58) has to navigate a completely tarred car for better or worse.

Whether Mama Carmen (56) from art project He knew? Mostly not. Because when she caught a glimpse of the camper, she scolded her daughter, saying, “What are you doing with the car? Are you crazy!”

But Shania does not let that deter her. After all, the car should be close to her. Defending herself: “My dad said it was my car.”

Are you a fan of “Geissens”?

But did Robert really take that lightly? Wrong thought! Even the head of the “Geissens” can hardly believe what he sees.

“I will deduct it from your inheritance,” he threatens his descendants. Girl’s face! Shania might have imagined it differently.

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