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TechTicker: Gadgets for the outdoors season - this is how the whole summer becomes a party (nerd) |  News

TechTicker: Gadgets for the outdoors season – this is how the whole summer becomes a party (nerd) | News

Roberts Revival Uno BT
weekend. The day begins, the sun rises on the colorful breakfast table. Time to start the day leisurely, preferably with light background music from your favorite station or playlist.

The famous old design of Roberts Radio DAB + radios is now well established. The new Revival UNO BT also has everything old tech enthusiasts could want. Whether it’s the sound of DAB or your favorite playlist via Bluetooth: the UNO BT fits perfectly at the breakfast table and makes a great statement in any other situation.

who – which Roberts Revival UNO BT Available now in Black, Deep Green, Sunburst Yellow, Teal Blue, Dove Gray, Dusky Pink, Duck Egg and Pastel Cream variants from select specialty retailers and in the Roberts Radio Amazon Shop at €229.00.

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Big Blue 28W Solar Charger
Generate electricity for iPhone and Co. by yourself, away from the socket, powered by a solar charger. Big Blue It is the name of a solar panel with charging function Amazon Showwhich features two 5V USB charging ports and a built-in ammeter.

The IPX4 weather-protected foldable panel is of course particularly suitable for the sunny season and can be used on hiking trips, camping or, of course, in the city center if prior digital usage behavior shows that the battery won’t last until evening. With about 90 euros you are there.

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Material Block – HITEC Grill Thermometer
After the day trip, the hunger is great and the grill is thrown in. While some are satisfied with the aluminum tray, grill, and sausages for barbecue fun, others have made cooking on gas or charcoal a science and earned a Michelin star for their barbecue creations. Special thermometers to monitor cooking status are ideal to aid in great grilling success.

He is especially smart meat block: a set of four temperature sensors with Bluetooth plus a base station with WLAN and of course a monitoring app. I’ve seen these things while working in my circle of acquaintances and learned to appreciate their usefulness. However, this set is not cheap at around 300 euros. But the true barbecue professional doesn’t skimp on the right tools.

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Philips Hue LED Garden Light White and Colors
Home is always the best A pleasant light ambiance is part of the preparation for a relaxing evening in the garden or on the roof terrace with friends and loved ones. The White & Color LED Ambiance Garden Lamp From Philips would be an option.

The spotlights can also be controlled according to the Hue standard, which are available in different sets, using Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant and are available in a set of three for 230 euros.

You can find an overview of various Hue outdoor lighting solutions over here.

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Hand: Beautiful light can also be analytical
If 16.7 million shades of color and HomeKit control are too many tech bells and whistles for a comfortable encounter, lighting ambiances can also be made more easily and inexpensively. A good old kerosene lamp provides a great analog alternative. Completely without electricity, but fueled by petroleum, for example, the Feuerhand Hurricane lamp lights up easily with a fill all through a mild summer night.

One galvanized one costs about 33 euros Foyerhand Brand Hurricane Lantern. – It was cheaper, but still relatively cheap, even if you have what it takes lamp oil And the Alternate wicks manufactured in . Of course there is even cheaper Replicas.

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