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Tearful farewell: Beatrice Egli overwhelmed by her emotions on stage

Tearful farewell: Beatrice Egli overwhelmed by her emotions on stage

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During her concert in Munich, Beatrice Egli holds back tears as she thinks about her deceased grandparents. “They accompanied me for 34 years full of love and kindness,” says the singer.

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  • Beatrice Egli has been around since October 2023 “Full Risk” tour. Through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • During the final concert in Munich, Egli gets emotional when she thinks about her grandparents who died two years ago.
  • “They accompanied me for 34 years, full of love and kindness,” the singer says, his voice choking with tears.

Beatrice Egli performed 40 concerts in April and May as part of her “Full Risk” tour.

At the closing concert in Munich this week, the Schwyz singer had a particularly poignant moment. as “Colorful” She wrote that the 35-year-old was overwhelmed with emotions several times during the concert at Circus Krohn.

In particular, memories of her grandparents, who died two years ago, brought the Schwyz singer to tears.

Beatrice Egli remembers her deceased grandparents

Beatrice Egli remembers the time she spent with them in front of her fans:

“You accompanied me for 34 years full of love and kindness. I remember how I would run up to them right after school and see them standing at the door with open arms and a smile on their faces.

She added, her voice choked with tears: “But I feel that their memory will always remain in my heart and that I will always feel connected to them because I continue to live the values ​​they gave me.”

Crew employee: “Emotional and warm tour”

At the end of the three-hour concert, a crew member took the microphone and thanked Beatrice Egli on behalf of the entire team “for allowing us to experience this emotional and warm tour with you.”

According to Ponte, the singer finally lost the battle against her tears thanks to the sincere thanks.

The employee speaks to the audience and confirms that Beatrice Egli appeared before each of the 40 shows with a bright smile and personally greeted all the crew members.

“After many years of accompanying artists, I know that this is not something to be taken for granted,” says one crew member.

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