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Tango Korupti | Showrooms | Finance and Economics

“Tango Korrupti, if someone comes up with it and it turns out to be you, you just get a lawyer who can do something and you’re away, my goodness,” said the Ostrobop poet, Reinhard Wendrich, cheerfully in the 1980s. Transparency International, a private organization based in Berlin, regularly surveys levels of corruption around the world. FuW specifically appears here, divided into four groups. Year after year, the Nordic countries are among the cleanest. Fortunately, Switzerland is there too, but maybe they can still improve this or that to not just be clean, but pure (detergent advert by Fendrich times). Larger economic powers like France or the United States can be bypassed, but they already have points in their handbook. Taiwan can only lose in terms of the honor of the merchant because of the relationship that the mother country craves; China ranks far behind in the somewhat questionable third group. Southern Europe will have a chance to gain more magic with a more consistent patch. In the lower group of important countries, Russia also shines most prominently – in Putin’s empire, the fishhead began to stink (Ukraine occupied / was in 132nd place with a score of 32 points). Speaking of Austria: Not that bad, 13th place. The proximity of the Confederacy makes it.