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Tamoil and Autogrill will operate the Herlesberg Nord service area in the future

Caliph explained the worship of dinner

Cindy should make way for a big company

Gas station operator Tamoil and Italy’s Autogrill Group have been awarded the concession to operate the Herrlisberg Nord motorway service station near Wädenswil in the canton of Zurich. Cindy’s restaurant in the fifties follows the burger burger restaurant.

The Herrlisberg Nord motorway service station is undergoing a facelift. Cindy’s gaudy dinner disappears. Because the new operator of gastronomy is Tamoil’s partner Autogrill. The Italians will bring their own “Gran Bar” and “Holy Cow” formats, as well as install a branch of the Spar supermarket chain.

The two companies said Tuesday that the Tamoil and Autogrill franchise is for 30 years, with an option for an additional 10 years. Partnership begins in 2023.