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Talks between the British government and the unions initially failed

In Great Britain, initial talks between the government and unions on a settlement after months of strikes in key areas of public life were initially fruitless.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • The meetings are meant to provide a way out of the month-long strike wave.

Staff representatives spoke on Monday about, among other things, “disappointing” communications and a “missed opportunity”. Ministries in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government have written to unions under their charge.

Now the first meetings took place in the Ministries of Health, Transport and Education. The Conservative government has thus completed an about-face: for a long time it insisted that it could not negotiate with nurses or railway workers, only with employers. Sunak has repeatedly spoken out against significant salary hikes in the public sector – only this one inflammation Keep heating.

However, the first meetings were initially unsuccessful. From Onay Kasab Labor union For example, Unite complained that Health Secretary Steve Barclay had not put forward any plan to get out of the crisis and that he was “very angry”. Nursing staff strikes planned for January will “definitely” take place.

Kevin Courtney of the National Education Association issued a similar statement. Further talks were suggested, but there was no offer from the Ministry of Education. Negotiations will also continue with the Ministry of Transport.

In the UK, there have been strikes in many sectors for months, mostly due to overcrowding inflammation Strong wage increases boosted energy prices. Not only the health sector, the sector was also affected TrainPost Office and Border Police.

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