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Taliban shoot Afghan women in the street without a burqa

Taliban shoot Afghan women in the street without a burqa

At their first press conference, the Taliban promised to protect women’s rights. On the same day, an Afghan woman without a burqa was shot.

The basics in brief

  • Afghanistan has been under Taliban control since Sunday.
  • They want to introduce Islamic law. Now a woman without a burqa has been shot.

Afghanistan since Sunday in the hands of the Taliban. There are significant concerns about women’s rights and reprisals. But the Islamists want to show the world how moderate they are now.

The Taliban spokesman said at a press conference on Tuesday Sobeih Allah Mujahid Restorative Ringtones To: “The Islamic Emirate protects women’s rights. We want to assure everyone that there will be no discrimination against women, but that they will live with us.”

Taliban kill in the name of Sharia

PR attack, no more. Because on the same day a woman was killed in the northern province of Tachar – because she was not wearing a burqa. This was reported by the American media.

A photo of the victim can be seen on social media surrounded by relatives. The woman was shot dead in the street.

Islamists want to rule by Sharia. However, strict Islamic legislation is not a uniform and clear set of rules. Taliban leaders will decide which laws will be enforced in the future.

The burqa is voluntary, according to the Taliban

It was announced that women were still allowed to go to school and university. They should also be allowed to leave the house without a male companion.

However, the speaker also emphasized that the burqa is not mandatory. However, the woman was shot in Tachar.

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