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Sonic 2022

Takashi Izuka talks about the new title of Team Sonic – The Tower

detective game: After Sonic Forces, a lot of fans have been curious about what the next major Sonic game from Sonic Team will look like. Now that it’s been officially announced, can you give us more details on what kind of game fans can expect with the new game?

izuka: Thank you for your patience. Since the release of Sonic Forces, the Sonic team in Japan has experimented with many different approaches to deliver a next-generation Sonic experience. As we celebrate 30 years of the Sonic franchise and think about what the modern gameplay experience for a Sonic title should be like, we also need to think about the path we need to take over the next decade. There’s a lot I can’t talk about yet, but we’re working hard on the title. We look forward to sharing more information on this in the future.

detective gameAre there specific things you want to achieve with this new game? What lessons did the team learn from games like Sonic Generations and Sonic Force being implemented on the new title?

izuka: There’s a lot about the title that I can’t really talk about yet, but I think we’ll see an evolution of what a modern Sonic game could be. Of course, we wouldn’t ignore the high-speed action that characterized previous modern Sonic games like Sonic Generations or Sonic Forces, but instead create a title that our current game fans as well as new players can enjoy.