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System problems: British Airways has canceled all short and medium-haul flights from London Heathrow

System problems: British Airways has canceled all short and medium-haul flights from London Heathrow

The airline has been in trouble since Friday evening. On Saturday morning, it had to cancel all short and medium-haul flights from Heathrow Airport. The airline asked the airport to close the terminal.

The website of London Heathrow Airport stated that “some British Airways flights” had to be canceled due to technical problems. There is talk on the British Airways website of a “chain” of flights. In fact, the situation seems even more dramatic. A look at departures shows that the airline canceled all short and medium-haul flights from the center in the morning.

Incoming short and medium flights have also been canceled as canceled. The situation seems to have only recovered a bit since 12 noon. There are still cancellations, but more and more European flights are being made. According to British media, the major failure also resulted in baggage piling up and some customers getting stuck on planes after landing at Heathrow Airport.

More than 200 flights affected

A total of more than 200 flights were affected. According to the Paddle You Own Kanoo online portal, Heathrow Airport said British Airways had asked it to restrict access to terminals because thousands of passengers are stranded with nowhere to go. As a result, the airline fears Terminal 5 could become dangerously overcrowded.

British Airways warned passengers to stay away from the airport as there were no staff available to help with rebooking. Instead, passengers were asked to check the airline’s website for rebooking options.

British Airways denies hacking attack

The airline was already experiencing problems Friday evening. The location was not available and there were delays and cancellations of flights. The airline told the Guardian that the problem could also cause delays for passengers departing from Gatwick and London City airports.

British Airways said the attack was not a hacker attack. The failure is due to a hardware problem. However, the airline does not go into details. “We know we’ve disappointed our customers and will do everything we can to make up for it – but for now our focus is on getting as many customers and flights as possible.”