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Switzerland's new business.  Anne Hathaway blasphemes Roger Federer with the dialect.

Switzerland’s new business. Anne Hathaway blasphemes Roger Federer with the dialect.

Anne Hathaway joins Roger Federer in the new Swiss tourism ad. In a two-minute clip, they felt: No one can carry a candle to Switzerland.

We often see Roger Federer on posters and TV ads, because he is a Swiss idol. But in partnership with a Hollywood star American actress Anna Hathaway? Nobody saw it coming.

In the new Swiss tourism spot, the athlete and actress sit next to each other in the editing room and complain that they can’t be seen in all the panoramic shots of Switzerland.

The idea behind it: Nobody can steal the show from Switzerland, not even Hollywood stars.

Anne Hathaway spoke a few words of Swiss German in the ad. I dismissed a director’s note with the phrase “a friend now!” (almost devoid of accent). And when Federer said she was the second choice after Meryl Streep, she yelled, “Mixed!”

Hathaway was ‘very patient’

Although advertising doesn’t require much of the two, Federer can barely contain a smile in a few sentences. He probably realized over and over again that he’s acting side-by-side with Anne Hathaway.

Working with the Oscar winner was a lot of fun. “It was an absolute privilege for me to spend time with a world star like Anne Hathaway. I was nervous given her high level of acting. But she gave me a lot of advice and couldn’t be more kind. She helped me a lot and was also very patient with my acting skills”, as Federer says.

It already landed a viral hit with Robert De Niro

A year ago, the Swiss Tourism Authority made a stir with a video Roger Federer on the phone with Academy Award winner Robert De Niro. The Swiss cannot persuade De Niro to take part in a feature film about Switzerland, because he believes that Switzerland is simply not dramatic enough. The movie has been watched more than 100 million times worldwide.

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