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Switzerland won gold in the mixed time trial at the World Cycling Championships in Australia.

Golden celebrations: Marlon Reusser, Elise Chabe, Nicole Koller, Stephan Bissäcker, Mauro Schmidt and Stephan Kung (from left).Image:

Switzerland won the mixed time trial title at the World Cycling Championships in Wollongong, Australia. Three women and three men are responsible for this success.

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Ralph Miles
Ralph Miles


Eventually it got too tight. Italy’s women rushed towards the goal, the clock was ticking there – and she was on the sidelines. Switzerland. By 2.92 seconds, he won over his southern neighbor. Bronze was awarded to the World Cup contenders, 38 seconds behind Australia.

Time trial vice world champion Stefan Kung, Stefan Bisseger and Mauro Schmidt set the men’s best times. After 14.1 kilometers they were ten seconds faster than the Italians around Filippo Canna.

Schmidt, Kung, and Bisseger (from front) press tube.

Schmidt, Kung, and Bisseger (from front) press tube.Image:

Marlon Reusser, Elise Sabe and Nicole Koller then took over. The women overcame the lead given to them by the men’s trio. Although the Italians came dangerously close – but not as close as they thought Gold would have been enough.

Simple strategy: Give it your all

“We are a small country, but a great cycling nation, especially in time trials,” Kung said in the winner’s interview. It was awesome to ride with two of my colleagues and then root for the girls.

The other two returned the compliment. Bissegger talked about the “motor kung” that was so strong today. “Our strategy: go full speed and keep this speed.” Mauro Schmidt, on the weakest paper of the three in the time trial, spoke of a great team effort. “My job was mainly to hold it, and it worked well.”

Chabbey, Koller and Reusser (from left) are overjoyed.

Chabbey, Koller and Reusser (from left) are overjoyed.Image:

The women, with Reusser clearly the better time trialer, had a slightly different strategy. “We planned to drive as hard as the three of us could stay together,” Reusser said a day after his 31st birthday.

“It was really hard for me, but it paid off after it was so close last year,” said Sabe. Back in Flanders, the Swiss sextet missed the mixed time trial by a tiny margin of five hundredths of a second.

Van Vludens’ worst fall

The Dutch team, who were unlucky in Wollongong, were also positive. In the men’s race, Bauke Mollema lost contact early on after jumping off his chain blade. And in the women’s race, Annemique van Vluden fell after the opening bend, ending her race. So Orange can travel only in pairs of both sexes.

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