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Switzerland: With an Airbus A340 from Zurich to Geneva

Switzerland: With an Airbus A340 from Zurich to Geneva

A domestic flight operated by Switzerland was very popular over the weekend. That is why a large long-range aircraft, the Airbus A340, was used.

The flight duration is about half an hour and the distance is 281 kilometers. It’s a short distance. Switzerland usually uses Airbus A220-100, A220-300, A320 or a maximum of A321 between Zurich and Geneva. But on Sunday (September 19), the Airbus A340 completed its LX2810 / 2819 flights between the two Swiss cities.

In the domestic flight, the long-haul aircraft with registration number HB-JMI soared to a maximum altitude of 17,000 feet or 5,181 meters – about half a flight with a further distance. “If demand increases on certain routes, Switzerland uses long-haul aircraft for some European flights,” a spokesman for Lufthansa subsidiary said. The day before, the A340 had already alternated between Zurich, Amsterdam and Zurich.

With a jumbo jet to Palma or an A340 to Pristina

Time and time again, airlines feel above-average demand on certain flights. They are reacting to this not only by raising prices, but also by using larger aircraft. So I sent it up Lufthansa occasionally has a Boeing 747 from Frankfurt to Palma in July and August. Edelweiss also bets between Zurich and Pristina sometimes Airbus A340 a.