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Switzerland weather: next week there will be snow


Finally there will be snow here next week

After an extremely dry winter, Swiss soil is thirsty for moisture. This may come in the second half of next week, but until then it will still be cold.


In terms of snow, the winter of 22/23 has been a bitter disappointment so far.

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  • Switzerland desperately needs rain.

  • But for now, the weather will still be dry and cool.

  • From the middle of next week, snow may fall to the lowlands.

A foggy week in the Lowlands is likely to end in the same style Meteonews wrote in its weather blog. In the north, it’ll be a hazy gray at lower elevations, while the mountains are likely to catch some sun. Next week Continuous dryness and then its end to have.

A trip to the mountains is worthwhile

It stays five to ten degrees cooler, but those who want warmer temperatures will find what they’re looking for in the south. It should be mostly sunny through Sunday at 12 to 16 degrees. But even further north, a trek to higher elevations can be rewarded with sunshine — plus, conditions for winter sports are still good at mid- and high-altitudes, Meteonews writes.

The new week begins in a similar manner. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the sun can occasionally break through the many clouds, especially in the south. If there was any precipitation at all, it would likely remain low in quantity, and temperatures wouldn’t be significantly higher either.

from Wed Then move the snow line over and over, as the constant Western exposure brings with it many disturbances. Wet flakes can also fall in the lowlands in the middle of the week, but the situation is expected to become milder again from Thursday. So in most parts of Switzerland little, if any, snow will fall. Most of the precipitation is expected to come from the sky in droplets.

Precipitation can be massive

Meteonews notes that there are currently significant differences between the forecasts of different weather models. “Larger volumes of more than 50 or even more than 100 liters per square meter are also possible, depending on individual models. After the intense dryness of February and the winter in many places, this will certainly be a blessing,” says MeteoBlog.

In Ticino, of all the places hit hardest by drought, there is probably the least rain. Because the southern part of the canton is well protected from the westerly winds that blow in the mountains. A location in the south or southwest could bring much needed rain to Ticino – but there is no sign of that.

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