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Switzerland surpassed previously flawless Slovakia 8: 1

Switzerland surpassed previously flawless Slovakia 8: 1

Robin Grossman: “a very effective look”

After Switzerland’s 8-1 victory over Slovakia, Lausanne defender Robin Grossmann analyzed the comrade’s performance. Discipline and competence were the key to victory.


The national ice hockey team found the track again at the World Cup in Riga. Two days after defeating Sweden, Switzerland defeated Slovakia 8-1.

The game started early for the benefit of the Swiss. Patrick Fisher’s side were 3-0 up after just 25 minutes. The first two goals were scored by Rafael Diaz (10th) and Sven Andregeto (21) in the majority. Then he met Roman Lovell (3: 0), Gregory Hoffman (4: 0) and Philip Korachev (6: 0) even when the ice was full. With five against five field players, the Swiss scored only two goals in the first three World Cup matches against the Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden.

Reto Berra also had a dream start in this ghost universe. The nominal No. 2 goalkeeper for Switzerland conceded the first goal only after 105 minutes (up to 1: 6). In contrast to the match against Denmark, where he was practically unemployed (only 4 saves), Bera had a lot to do against Slovakia (xx shots on target). Two years ago at the World Cup in Slovakia, Pera started the tournament with two strikes (against Italy and Austria).

Slovakia proved to be a formidable opponent of Switzerland in just the first 20 minutes. The Eastern European team has revealed why they have won all three of the first three matches, including the match against the Russians, which the Swiss will face in the next match on Saturday afternoon.

Clear terms of the second trimester

The main scenes in the match against the Slovaks took place between the seventh and tenth minutes. Seven minutes later, Slovak Christian Busbisil received a five-minute penalty kick. For about three minutes, the Swiss Power Game was never played. Even the Slovaks got two big opportunities to advance when outnumbered. In the 10th minute, goalkeeper Adam Lesca Berra picked up the puck behind the Swiss housing and passed Matos Soekel, who was open before his eyes and did not hit the ball. Instead of 0: 1, it was 1: 0 after 14 seconds. Because Rafael Diaz closed the next Swiss attack with a long-range (rigged) shot by the Swiss leadership.

While the Swiss leadership had to be described as lucky after 20 minutes, the ice buddies later scored victory at that altitude as well. The Slovaks also lack the necessary discipline against Switzerland. The Swiss scored five goals in power play. Record 13 Swiss. Gregory Hoffmann scored two goals and two assists, overtaking Timo Mayer as the most competent Swiss in attack.

With nine points from four matches, the Swiss do not have the mathematics quarter-finals yet. But the starting position was great again two days after the defeat against the Swedes – especially since the Swiss were still playing against Belarus (Sunday) and Great Britain (Tuesday) after the duel against the Russians (Saturday).

The Swiss team showed a strong reaction after the knockout against Sweden.

Corner stone

Switzerland-Slovakia 8: 1 (1: 0, 3: 0, 4: 1)

Riga, Olympic Sports Center. – SR Frano / Gouin (CZE / CAN), Constantineau / Oliver (FRA / USA). – rip10: Diaz (Hoffmann, Andreughito / Busbecil Exclusion) 1: 0. 21. (20:25) Andreughtou (Diaz, Hoffman / Hollisinski’s exclusion) 2: 0. 26. Lovell (Sheroe Berchi) 3-0. 37. Hoffman (Corvey, Lovell) 4-0. 41 (40:38) Meyer (Altalo, Coracho / Gachulink) 5: 0.45. Kuraschew (Untersander, Ambühl) 6: 0.46. Kristof (Cehlarik) 6: 1.53. Hofmann (Ambühl, Andrighetto / Exclusion Rosandic 7: 1.55. Loeffel (Moser, Bertschy / Exclusion Rosandic) 8: 1.- punish4 times, 2 minutes against Switzerland, 5 times, 2 times, plus 2 times, 5 minutes (Busbecil, Rosendijk), plus two times (Busbecil, Rosendyck) against Slovakia.

Switzerland: Pera. Diaz, Geyser Untersander, Moser. Loeffel, Siegenthaler; Alalto. Simeon, Corvey, Hoffman; Ampoule, Hescheer, Coracho; Mayer, Fermin, Andreughito; Herzog, Birchi, Sheroy; Moths.

Slovakia: Hodasik. Rosandic, granat; German, Daluga. KNASCO, Janosec; Gachulink, Evan; Lantusi, Hrivik, Siharik; Hollysinski, Kristof, Busbysil; Studenick, Roman, Clemen; Lesca, Sokel, Skaliki.

NotesSwitzerland without Muller (injured), Genoni (substitute goal), Neville, Hildner, Rudd, Paraplan (all of them redundant) and Frick (not mentioned yet). – After Effects: 22 Hrevik, 35 Untersander, Lantusi 43. – Shots: Switzerland 28 (4-12-12); Slovakia 24 (12-7-5). Powerplay: Switzerland 5/8; Slovakia 0/2.