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Switzerland exited the United States in the quarterfinals

Switzerland exited the United States in the quarterfinals

Ice Hockey World Championship

Great disappointment: Switzerland lost in the quarterfinals against the United States

The World Cup adventure is over. The Swiss national team lost 3-0 to the United States in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Finland. Lack of chance rating prevents Switzerland from reaching the semi-finals.

Hanging heads on the Swiss national team.

The main stone

From the Swiss point of view, the game in Helsinki did not start as expected. Patrick Fischer’s team was unable to create all of Switzerland’s characteristics in the opening round. Fortunately, 13 minutes later, the United States took the lead. An own goal by Calvin Durkoff Skate brought the North Americans 1-0. There was not enough suffering from the Helvetian view, and Leonardo Genoni also made a mistake a few minutes later. The goalie rushed out of the gate to clear the disc, but in action Adam Goudet won 2-0 for USA.

Switzerland responded in the middle section. Suddenly, the “ice guys” showed off their ice hockey. Switzerland created opportunities here and there, and the United States had a lot of problems with the speed of the Fischer team. But the connecting goal does not want to succeed. The Swiss sinned several times in the final.

It could not break America’s strongholds in the third period either. With 6 minutes left, the United States won 3-0. The semi-final dream was shattered. Fisher took Genoni out of the box and put everything on a card. But there was no such twist as Canada did against Sweden in the quarterfinals. In the end, Switzerland lost to them and the strongest American goalie, Jeremy Swamen. They did not show themselves cold enough, so in the end only frustration remained. Again Switzerland were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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