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Switzerland before the Italy match - four question marks about the club's starting line-up - Sports

Switzerland before the Italy match – four question marks about the club’s starting line-up – Sports


Russian Federation expert Benjamin Hoegel will make two changes to the starting lineup for the EURO Group B match against Italy. There are other options.

Are there any changes in the Swiss national team after the 1-1 draw against Wales in Wednesday’s match against Italy? Vladimir Petkovich sure has some questions on his mind.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez or Steven Zuber?

Rodriguez is undisputed in the national team like no other. At least that’s what the stats say. In 48 competitive matches, Petkovic put him on the bench once. But Rodriguez was pale against Wales and had no effect on the lead. This could be Zuber’s chance on the left winger, who is always good at scoring goals. Zuber will be the most offensive and dangerous option.

When he comes, he always shows great commitment and can inspire his teammates.

  • Kevin Mbabo or Silvan Widmer?

There is no regular player on the right. Petkovic said recently that he will decide to move from one match to the next. Against the defensive Welsh, Mbabu preferred. The Romans provided much more offensive power than Rodriguez on the other side. He had a good chance of winning 2-0, but he missed it miserably. It may be Widmer’s turn against the attacking Italians. After five years and 131 Serie A matches with Udinese, he was tactically well trained.

  • Xherdan Shaqiri or Denis Zakaria?

Shaqiri is out of shape. But Petkovic will not do without him unless there are very important tactical reasons. Wouldn’t it be advisable against Italy to strengthen the midfield with the more powerful Zakaria? It would be a brave decision by Petkovic to leave Shaqiri on the bench. But as for the further course of the tournament, it will be understandable: Switzerland needs a comfortable and fit Shaqiri – especially in the third round match against Turkey.

  • guard Seferovic Or Mario Gavranovic?

At Benfica Lisbon, Seferovic scored goals as if on an assembly line. But 11 matches in the championship with the national team in a row without hits is not a letter of recommendation. Mario Gavranovic has the best values. He scores a goal for the national team every 98 minutes, and Seferovic only succeeds every 233 minutes. What if they both played together from the start? Petkovic successfully tried it in 3:3 against Germany. Gavranovic scored two goals. However, the coach does not see the two as complementing each other.

Maybe I’ll bring in Gavranovic instead of Seferovic, which is an exciting move.


Both of them probably won’t play together against Italy

Seferovic (left) and Javranovic.