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Nintendo Switch Sports uses AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution & NEX System • Nintendo Connect

Switch Sports’ local multiplayer game is not available to Lite owners • Nintendo Connect

Bad news for Nintendo Switch Lite users and table mode operators: Nintendo Switch Sports It might not be your game… because not only a separate Joy-Con, but also a Nintendo Switch station is required.

World Health Organization Follow me on Twitterwho will already see the screenshot below:

Nintendo Switch Sports Unfortunately it does not support local multiplayer for table mode and therefore does not support Nintendo Switch Lite either. Players who attempt this will receive an error message saying that they must dock their Nintendo Switch console to a TV in order to play a local multiplayer game.

Single player mode – both online and offline – works in table mode. The only requirement here is that you hold the Joy-Con in your hand, because the game relied on motion control and was not equipped with the control buttons.

Cannot switch to multiplayer mode on TV and then undock console again. There is also a special error message for this!

Since Nintendo loves to advertise the portability of the Nintendo Switch, the decision to add local players to Nintendo Switch Sports Restricting it to TV mode is a bit odd, especially since the game can otherwise be played on a Nintendo Switch Lite with a separate Joy-Con without any issues.