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Swisscom wants a monthly bill for everyone

Swisscom wants a monthly bill for everyone

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‘Environmental nonsense’ – Swisscom makes a fuss over its bills

In the future, all Swisscom customers will receive a monthly bill. Recipients of the biweekly bills are particularly upset.


Telecommunications company Swisscom is currently studying whether all customers should receive a monthly bill in the future. A system with multi-month invoices should be cancelled.

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  • Swisscom is considering whether all its customers should receive a monthly bill in the future.

  • Multi-month bills will be replaced gradually.

  • The company wants to create more clarity and transparency.

That’s what it’s about

To protect the environment and The annoying paper mountain To address this issue, Swisscom switched some customers to multi-month billing a few years ago. Now the telecom company wants to reverse that exact plan.

Anyone logging into the Swisscom Customer Center has seen the following message since the beginning of October: “For administrative reasons, you will receive your Swisscom invoice every month going forward.”

That’s why he is like this

Swisscom press spokeswoman Annina Merck confirmed the change made to the Today portals. “We are currently considering whether to standardize one month’s billing for all customers in the future.” From the company’s perspective, the monthly invoice has the advantage of providing greater clarity and transparency to customers. Additionally, with new technology options (eBill, Twint, direct debit), paying a bill is “easier than ever and no longer requires any significant effort.”

Another advantage Swisscom sees is that the basic fees charged are halved. This is easier on customer budgets.

These are the reactions

Not all customers are enthusiastic, as a look at the Community Forum shows. One angry user writes: “I was not informed of the change in advance nor was it explained! Customer service definitely seems different! He describes the change as ‘administrative lethargy’ and ‘economic and environmental bullshit.'” Another user responded: “Sorry but what a fuss you’re making because they switched Now to the monthly bills? “It’s neither cheaper nor more expensive for you.”

Such as the Consumer Protection Foundation towards “Today” portals. It states that some similar complaints were also received there. The organization suspects that the change is linked to Swisscom’s financial goals. “With two-month bills, defaults become noticeable with delays,” says Andre Behler. It is now possible to respond more quickly to defaulting payers and reduce the risk of loss. Swisscom denies this, saying: “The monthly bill is transparent and clear to customers. We have also been approached by customers who wanted monthly bills.

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