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Swiss women’s national team: higher rewards but no equal pay

More money for the women’s national team

Higher EM rewards – but no equal pay

On Tuesday, SFV will announce its new premium model for the European Women’s Championship in July. But equal pay as in Spain, England, USA or Norway still does not exist for our women’s national team.

There are more and more countries. Last week, Spain also decided to pay its international players the same wages as the men’s team. It affects reward payments and premium TV shares, but also travel and hotel standards. “This is a historic day,” Amanda Gutierrez said. The president of the Football Association, Futpro, represented the players in negotiations with the Spanish Federation.

The federations of Brazil, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and the USA are already familiar with equal pay for women and men – the so-called equal pay – with star Megan Rapinoe (36) becoming a player. My fighting pictures.