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Swiss women take seventh place in team sprint

Swiss women take seventh place in team sprint

Cross-country skiing Women’s 7th and 8th place men earn a diploma in team racing. In the women’s category, Germany scored a surprise victory, while the favorite Norwegian team clearly won.

Apparently Laurien van der Graaff and Nadine Fähndrich, who finished second in the team’s race, missed another reversal. About 50 seconds were missing from the podium. Laurien van der Graaff in particular was suffering. In each of its three divisions, the gap between the leaders widened after a teammate closed the hole.

During the last mission, the woman collapsed from Davos and sent Fähndrich into the race in eighth place with a 48-second handicap. This time, the sprint was run using the classic technique, which Swiss women did not particularly like.

Surprisingly, the gold went to Germany with substitute Victoria Karl. In the final sprint, she even defeated Olympic sprint champion Jonna Sundling of Sweden, and bronze went to the Russians. The German women have already stunned with a third place finish of the season.

Klebo wins again

Jonas Baumann and Jovian Heidegger finished the team’s race in Classical Tech in eighth place. Bündner and Romand were on an identical level of performance. Both had to let the big nations go on the last lap.

Gold went to the Norwegians in the company of broadcaster Johannes Hosvlöt Kleibo. The sprint master had already managed a double sprint in 2018. Finland won the silver and Russia won the bronze.