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Swiss Re kicks a controversial top woman

Annette Bronder, the presumed star from southern Germany, left a pile of broken glass at Swiss Re.

The member of the senior operational management, who is responsible for the entire information technology and all internal operations, does not have to leave the reinsurance company in any way.

Bronder joined the Swiss financial multinational from Deutsche Telekom in the summer of 2019. After just two and a half years, she was replaced by an in-house worker, Pravina Ladva.

Bronder’s dismissal is a disaster of the greatest magnitude. The supposed super-manager has turned Swiss Re’s operations into a restructuring situation.

Five brothers? Account with bronder (Swiss Re)

The whole area disappears and dissolves.

“All areas of activity on technology topics are grouped under the leadership of Pravina Ladva,” the company wrote.

Real estate, services and communications for the company will be reporting to Cathy Descases, Group Head of Human Resources. Other operational functions are assigned to the relevant areas of the organization in terms of content.”

drifting away. Total new start. This is after less than two and a half years under Bronder.

This was with one special appearance cause a stir. In a video conference with her team, she talked about her youth.

She was the only girl who grew up with five brothers. Pure invention. In fact, Bronder has a sister. There are no brothers.

The Brönder case is a huge blow to Swiss Re CEO Christian Momenthaler. Momentaler assigned Bronder the central task of Head of the Back Office.

Now he has to say goodbye to his favorite. “Over the past two years, Anette Bronder has successfully advanced Swiss Re’s digital transformation across all areas of the company.”

“We would like to thank Anette Bronder for her valuable contribution to Swiss Re and we wish her all the best in her future work.”

It is not clear whether Momenthaler himself came to the conclusion that Bronder was the wrong person. New Swiss Re president Sergio Ermotti may have wanted to get rid of Brunder.

Ermotti seems to see opportunities, inner Buying from Swiss Re to ChainIQ Transfer to. This helped in 2013. As CEO of UBS, he handed over purchases to the new company from businessman Claudio Sisulu.