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Swiss pilot overrun by volcanic tourists in Iceland

Swiss pilot overrun by volcanic tourists in Iceland

Matthias Vogt also noticed that the eruption attracts people. The Swiss offers volcano sightseeing tours in Iceland with his company “Volcano Heli”. “We have a lot of requests for flights to the volcano,” he told

But he had to disappoint the spectators, as flights were not possible. The eruption itself does not prevent flights, however: “Since the eruption we have had bad weather and have not been able to fly yet.”

Vogt suspects he could take sightseeing flights to the volcano again today or tomorrow.

Since 2014, Vogt has witnessed five volcanic eruptions from the air and from the ground. “It is very exciting.” Overall, his new home, Iceland, is a wonderful country with amazing landscapes and nice people.

But the current situation is difficult for the evacuees from the village of Grindavik. “Grindavík has been evacuated since November 10th. Nearly 4,000 residents have to find housing elsewhere.

At least there is now “certainty that the evacuation was justified.” Fortunately, no lava is currently flowing towards the city. “The ground has risen sharply due to the pressure of the lava, which is now able to escape. This is very positive.”