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Swiss.moves: Zofingen is currently third in Switzerland in Class D

Swiss.moves: Zofingen is currently third in Switzerland in Class D

Dance workshop at schweiz.bewegt Opening Ceremony on May 1st.

The schweiz.bewegt community duel ends on May 31. Zofingen actively participates and offers an attractive exercise program until the end of the month. The third place must be defended.

The purpose of the National Exercise Project is to encourage more exercise. Individual participation via the free application is possible for residents of Switzerland. The goal of all participants is to collect as many exercises as possible for their health and at the same time for the city of Zofingen. Movement time is measured not performance intentionally – so participation is possible for all age groups and without any pressure on performance. The opening ceremony on the 1st of May was a success and it was all about “moving yourself”. For example, about 100 people took part in a dance workshop organized by Generation Art.

Looking for the most active communities in Switzerland

In Coop-Gemeinde-Duell by schweiz.bewegt, the communes compete with each other in a national comparison and are divided into four classes according to the population of the communes. In each category, the three municipalities with the most practice minutes are awarded. Zofingen currently ranks third in Switzerland in Class D (communes with a population of over 10,000) with around 300,000 minutes of movement. Now it’s all about defending that place on the podium for the past two weeks.

Track individual time via the app

This year, the community duel runs exclusively for individual time scoring using the “Coop community duel” app. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Whether it’s walking, cycling, hiking, playing tennis or soccer – the app’s stopwatch can be activated before any physical activity. This brings together valuable minutes of exercise, which counts for Zofingen but also for personal challenges in the family, among friends or in the club. In addition, personal activities and motion pictures can be easily shared on social media. The hashtag #schweizbewegt is drawing attention to the campaign across Switzerland. The hashtag #meinzofingen is used specifically for Zofingen. (PD)