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Swiss Life: From Manor to Branhof

Swiss Life: From Manor to Branhof

After an epic rent dispute with Manor, life insurer Swiss Life was able to start renovating the Bahnhofstrasse property a year ago. Now the veil is lifted from 100 million projects.

Property 75 and 79, covered by scaffolding, currently dominate the picture on the upper Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. The renovation has already taken a year, and according to the owner and customer, Swiss Life, it will take another two years. The first tenants are likely to move in from the fall of 2023 life insurance on wednesday With.

Reviving old glory – that’s what Swiss Life is all about, after the property’s former tenant and extender, retailer Manor, moved after a long battle through the courts. Manor ran the department store on Bahnhofstrasse for 35 years and secured a significant rent increase from Swiss Life in 2019. This would have tripled the previous amount. Manor struggled in vain.

After the merchant Julius Bran

The Manor House is a thing of the past, and Swiss Life is reviving the historic building with a name that “takes the pioneering spirit from the time of its founding to the present and future of Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse,” according to Swiss Life.

In the future the building will be called “Brannhof” after the first customer Julius Bran. The building was built by the merchant in 1912. The concept of “Brannhof” is similar to all those currently being built around Bahnhofstrasse.

Lädele downstairs, work upstairs

It relates to meeting areas, flexible usable areas as well as work areas. In “Brannhof” the original light and inner courtyards must stand out again. The shops are leased on three levels, and modern workplaces will be created from the second floor.

Swisslife is inside

The renovation is said to be done in close consultation with the monument’s protection. That is why four historic staircases are preserved inside. All original windows are being restored, the natural stone and pebble facade is being renovated, and the leaded glass feature is on display in a new hall. In addition, the roof will be re-covered with natural slate.

As a precursor to the futuristic splendor of “Brannhof”, Swiss Life intends to paint the construction site with its futuristic appearance in the coming months.

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