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Swiss Cup: FCL President Stefan Wolff criticizes SFV

It’s about the Swiss Cup

FCL Chairman Wolf Criticizes SFV

Stefan Wolf, president of FCL, says the cup competition is not attractive enough. why is that? And what does sfv say.


Stefan Wolff wins with Servette….

A cultural asset in Swiss football, the Sandoz Cup, which is around 100 years old, is named after Lausanne banker Aurèle-Gilbert Sandoz. Lucerne president Stefan Wolff won the championship twice as a player, in 1992 with FCL and after seven years with Servette.

Wolff’s feelings about this competition are in turn nostalgic. “The cup presents everything that makes up football,” said the president of the French Football Federation in an interview with “Zentralplus”. Only: the competition has lost its relevance in recent years. A twist that makes him think: “I think the cup should be given the rightful place again, and of course the organizer is also responsible for that.”