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Swiss couple angry at low-cost airline Vueling.

Swiss couple angry at low-cost airline Vueling.

Anger at low cost airlines

“Have they never seen a Swiss passport before?”

Two Swiss citizens were surprised by a lengthy search of their Swiss passports at Barcelona airport.


After his experience at Barcelona Airport, Ardian from Bern is still visibly annoyed by low-cost airline Vueling.


  • A Swiss couple was delayed for an hour and a half while checking in for budget airline Vueling at Barcelona Airport.

  • The airline suspected the two of forging passports.

  • The difference in the color of the map from the other colors on the Swiss passport seemed suspicious to the airline employees.

25-year-old Ardian from Bern and his 24-year-old wife are still upset by employees of Spanish budget airline Vueling at Barcelona airport. “Before we left for London, they spent an hour and a half at the check-in desk checking our Swiss passports. “Haven’t they ever seen a Swiss passport before?” says the 25-year-old angrily.

“The employee told us that a thorough passport check was necessary because England is very strict,” Ardian said. Then suddenly four employees stood around their passports to examine them. “They thought our passports were fake. They found it suspicious that the color of the Swiss map was not the same as the other colors in the passport. The staff even tried to tear out the torn pages of their passports with their fingernails because they assumed they were stuck together. The Swiss also had to show all their bank cards.

“They made fun of our Swiss passport.”

Since this was taking too long and the couple did not want to miss the trip, Ardian contacted the Swiss Consulate in Barcelona. “The friendly lady from the consulate agreed with us and found it impossible how we were treated. According to her, only customs at London airport would have to check our passport anyway. However, the employees did not respond to the consulate’s request to listen to the woman on her cell phone.

“Instead, the staff were making fun of what Swiss passports looked like. As if it was a cheap passport. I think that’s a disgrace,” Albernon continues. In addition, all employees immediately handed over their name cards when he wanted to know their names. When Ardian finally threatened to call the police, things suddenly happened quickly and they were waved off.

“We were at the airport two and a half hours ago.”

Fortunately, the plane took off ten minutes late and the helpful people allowed them to pass the subsequent security check. “Otherwise we would have definitely missed our flight to London. We were at the airport two and a half hours before departure,” said the 25-year-old from Bern.

The low-cost airline has not yet responded to Ardian’s complaint. The request also remained unanswered for 20 minutes.

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