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Swiss celebrates Zurich Airport’s birthday with special activities

Swiss celebrates Zurich Airport’s birthday with special activities

Zurich Airport celebrates its 75th anniversary from 1 to 3 September. The local airline congratulates him on this birthday and celebrates it vigorously. It offers visitors exclusive behind-the-scenes insights over the course of three days. Throughout the weekend, aviation enthusiasts can admire the Airbus A220, which is used on short and medium routes, as well as the long-haul aircraft up close and exchange ideas with experts, explains Suess.

Swiss pilots and cabin crew provide comprehensive insights into their diverse careers above the clouds. Tech apprentices have created something special: they offer guests the chance to work on an engine replica themselves and experience becoming an aircraft mechanic. Interested parties can also enjoy seeing the Airbus A320 simulator up close.

On Fridays at 4:15pm, Saturdays at 12:45pm and Sundays at 11:15am, spectators have the unique opportunity to observe up close the aircraft handling process. This includes loading cargo, loading hundreds of bags, and filling large tanks with fuel. Live commentary accompanies the action as the aircraft moves to the runway.