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Swinging in the ESAF: This is the surprise captain Adrian Odermatt

Mt. Grenadier made it difficult

This is the surprise of the leader Adrien Udermatt

No Basel model has won the Federal Crown since 2007. But the home match at Pratteln seems to be an inspiration. Adrian Odermatt of Liesberg graces the top of the standings list after the first day of ESAF!


Adrian Odermatt has every reason to celebrate.

Marcel W. Perrin

While alpine star Marco Odermatt (24) was seated on the honorary podium, his name in sawdust is particularly impressive with his flat throws against Andy Imhof of Uri and two-time Brünig winner Bernhard Kampf.

Like our ski champ, Adrian Odermatt (21 years old) has his roots in canton Nidwalden. Adrian grew up on a farm in Liesberg because his father moved from Ennetmoos to the Basel region in the 1990s. The 1.93m tall blond boy apparently inherited his wrestling talent from his father’s cousin, Rudi Odermatt, who was twice Swiss.